Week 3: 13/03/2017 – 19/03/2017

Things Are Slowly Taking Shape After coming up with the races in their most basic form, this week was about fleshing them out a bit more by coming up with their physical properties and… Continue reading

Week 2: 06/03/2017 – 12/03/2017

Why I Write Fantasy And Not Science Fiction It’s a bit after the second week now, but I didn’t get around actually writing down anything about it yet so here we go. First… Continue reading

Week 1: 27/02/1017 – 05/03/2017

What A Great Start To The Year, We Actually Know What We’re Doing… Never Mind. After a very long and largely eventless summer, everyone has crawled out of their little caves to start… Continue reading

Stuff I did in other Places

Over the semester I used a bunch of other social media websites to collect my work for integrative practice. These are some of my thought on them: Pinterest URL: https://nz.pinterest.com/littlerrivers/ I really discovered Pinterest… Continue reading

Nitpicking Exercise

After handing in our Speculative Design projects one of our lecturers commented on a couple of photos of our setup and we then had to comment on his comments: First of all the… Continue reading

Speculative Design II

On “The History of the Caernarfon Civilisation” Vocabulary Ancient: anything that happened before narrator’s society started their count of years. Continents: all of the different islands that the earth’s surface above sea level… Continue reading

Speculative Design

The History of the Caernarfon Civilisation To the most esteemed and intelligent human, Peyton Riggs, leader of the lower race, and master of intellect and kindness. I, Arthur, humble member of the Caernarfon… Continue reading

Prototype 1.1

After a bit of a hiatus I’m back to doing my studio work. This is the first one of my prototypes that I’m working on. I’m prototyping different designs for a glove that “dictates”… Continue reading

Create, Invent, or Innovate?

After doing the complex vs complicated post a while back we were now told to look at “create,” “invent,” and “innovate,” so let’s look at the definitions: So from these definitions I think… Continue reading

Don’t Follow The Lights

Physical Comuting assignment number 1. It worked.


“Imagine a future where you can’t go to Countdown and buy that $7 bottle of wine with the last of your student allowance. Imagine a life where you can no longer be a… Continue reading

Concerning Bees

The bees are dying and so will we. That’s quite a depressing start for a blog post but that makes it no less true. One might ask: But so many species go extinct… Continue reading